Quality Roofing

Roof Quality and Maintenance


Roof Quality

Roof is an important building protection component of a property that needs to be installed and maintained as per the roofing quality standards. Building codes and manufacturer installation guidelines must be followed to install a quality roof.

Roof Quality

The quality of the roof is determined by the roof components such as the sheathing, eave protection, starter shingles, valley, flashings, underlayment, ridge vents, ridge/hip cap shingles, and so on. The overall roof quality is a combination of the strength and compatibility of its components.

Roof Quality New Roof

Expert installers are crucial for quality roofs. Knowledge and expertise in the roofing industry, products, and installation guidelines help roofers install with top quality.

Roof Inspection

The life of most roofs is twenty to thirty years, but due to the extreme weather, some roofs start wearing out sooner. Most property owners are unaware of the roof quality issues until they see any visible signs such as mold growth in the interior or missing/chipped shingles on the exterior.

Roof Inspection Missed Shingles

Property owners must get the roof cleaning and roof inspection twice per year. Fall and Spring are the best times for roof inspection to check the roof for extreme weather.

Roof inspectors will check your roof components against a checklist and suggest any required repairs. During roof inspection, some inspectors may offer to fix minor issues such as loose flashings, blocked vents, missing shingles, or nail popups. Any major repairs will need to be estimated and fixed for Quality Roofing.

Roof Inspection Chipped Shingles

Roof inspection by a certified roofer will help property owners procure the required documentation for insurance claims processing. Insurance companies tend to deny some claims due to cosmetic issues. The report from roof inspection will clarify all the pre-existing performance and cosmetic issues in the roofing system. Certain advanced tools such as drones and thermal readings can be used for roof inspection and test evaluations.

Different manufacturers and roofing companies follow their own checklist. Here are some standard items on a roof inspection checklist.

  • Roof Condition:
    • Debris and drainage
    • Deformed structures
    • Attic ventilation
    • Popped nails and sagging ridges
  • Shingles:
    • Missing/Curled/Buckled/Streaked shingles
    • Granule loss
    • Condition of surface and edges
  • Exterior Walls:
    • Staining
    • Deformation
  • Interior:
    • Cracks and leaks
    • Window/door Joints
    • Water stains on ceilings
    • Sagged rafters
  • Roof Features:
    • Gutter/Soffitt/Fascia
    • Flashings/Chimneys/Skylights
    • Drains/Vents
    • Exhaust fans
  • Remarks:
    • General comments about the overall condition and issues
    • Urget remedies and proposed solution for Quality Roofing

Roof Maintenance

Roof undergoes extreme weather elements year round and is highly susceptible to damages. Roof is also accessible to animals and birds and also prone to shingle loss. Leaves and other debris expose the roof to moisture and algae growth.

Roof maintenance is mandatory for Quality Roofing. New roofs need annual maintenance as well to maintain the quality and to extend the roof's life. High winds, snow, rain, ice damming is common in new and old roofs alike in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Roof Gutter Maintenance
Roof Maintenance Hip Ridge

Property owners can attempt to clean up the roof themselves. Gutters can be cleaned using gutter cleaning tools, leaf blower, and a ladder. However, the complete roof surface may not be accessible for steep slope roofs. It also proves to be a risky operation for property owners as falls are common.

Roof Maintenance can be outsourced to a certified contractor who can complete the roof clean up and inspection. They can perform cleaning, minor fixes, and suggest any long term remedies if needed.

Quality Roofing can be accomplished by routine maintenance of the roofs. Property owners can take related care by cutting down any trees over the roof and taking care of pest infestation around the property.

Roofing Contractor

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